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Why Blink Legal?

BlinkLegal is not just another document management system. Incorporating the benefits provided by traditional paper files Blink Legal redefines legal document management.


Paper-based document management had its advantages

Historically law firms used paper files to maintain litigation pleadings, correspondence and discovery. Documents were hole-punched, tabbed and indexed chronologically. File indices contained simple but useful information. Not just what had been filed and when, but a lifecycle of the case.  Simple but valuable.



Inefficient, disorganized and confusing.

Modern document management systems have essentially replaced paper files but none prior to Blink Legal integrated the simplistic benefits of hard-copy files. Today’s document management software typically functions more like a bucket containing your case files. These systems rely upon “foldering,” naming conventions or other user-imposed structure to provide order.  All lack a common sense litigation workflow.

Worse still, most electronic systems breed duplication and inefficiency. Multiple users saving the same document to the file multiple times using similar or varied file names. In other instances, the multiple members of a case team altogether failing to add new documents to the file (each user believing another handled the task). These problems give rise to malpractice risk (at worst) and (at best) a confusing and disorganized file.



A new and not-so-radical approach to document management

Blink Legal solves this problem and more. Blink Legal preserves the benefits of paper files and replicates that structure in a revolutionary document management system.

In addition to basics, like full text searching across your files, secure cloud-based access, and file indices that match up with the Court’s docket sheet, Blink Legal provides numerous propprietary features. For example, Blink Legal automates the addition of federal court pleadings to the file through its unique PACER integration. Open a matter and select “PACER integration,” Blink Legal does the rest. No more waiting for ECF email notifications, manually downloading and filing pleadings. Blink Legal queries PACER several times a day, automatically downloads, profiles and adds new documents to your file, and notifies all members of the firm’s case team that a new document has been filed in the case-even including a link to the document. Likewise, add Blink Legal to the service list for your cases, and Blink Legal’s proprietary system automatically extracts email attachments, renders them searchable and loads them to your case file.

Blink Legal doesn’t merely store your documents, it organizes them the way you work.  Fully searchable and available at a glance. The Blink Legal home page provides countless shortcuts designed to expedite the way you work. No more searching for live pleadings or the current docket control order. Blink Legal automatically tracks and hyperlinks these documents to your case home page.