convert time spent on non-chargeable admin tasks into valuable billable hours

Increase Billable Hours with BlinkLegal

Clients today increasingly insist that administrative tasks not be treated as billable events.  The result?  Law firms must utilize support staff more efficiently to maintain profitability.

Recent studies show that the average employee spends roughly 3 hours per week searching for documents, not to mention time spent creating and updating files (electronic and paper).  With legal support staff salaries averaging $60,000, this “lost” time amounts to over $4,300  annually, per employee.

This financial impact is more acute when viewed as non-billable attorney time.  Assuming an hourly rate of $300, that same 3 hours per week spent searching for documents equates to over $43,000 per attorney per year in lost billable hours.

Further, unlike many businesses, lawyers and support staff routinely access the same documents throughout the life of a case.  Quick access to pleadings and discovery is imperative-particularly when fielding client calls or preparing for Court.  More important still is that these files are both accurate and up-to-date.

Blink Legal’s unique indexing and search features provides the means to achieve these savings and more.

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